QE Bed
Terms & Conditions

1) The following terms and conditions apply to the contract that you consent with us as the provider of the Quantum Entanglement Bed service via this website. By making a purchase you agree to all terms without reservation

2) You as the consumer shall be any person who may engage in a legal transaction within their legal jurisdiction. You shall be 18 years of age and be competent of mens rea.

The contract is conducted and executed as follows:


i) The  contract is the sale of our goods and services as listed and purchased via our shop. 

ii) Orders are processed and the transmission of all aspects of the contract are carried out by encrypted email. Physical goods will be dispatched and delivered within seven working days of the completed payment for those goods.

ii) Downloaded / non physical goods are supplied as per the information provided on the website.

iii) The contract is validated when the process of selection, addition to the shopping cart, customer information and authorised payment are completed.

iiii) All products and descriptions are protected by copyright. Purchase contracts allow the purchaser to use the products as they wish except for the purpose of making a profit. The purchase assumes a  license to use the product or service.

v) All physical products are governed by the UK Sale of Goods Act and appropriate UK consumer law. Physical good that suffer damage in transit may be replaced with like products. No refunds are given for non physical services.

Our terms and conditions are subject to UK contract and consumer law.