Going from despair to living again
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My Story - Peter recovers to full health

 I was extremely sporty and fit until 2000. Out of the blue I suffered from a carotid artery bursting. Consequently the artery blocked and the result was a stroke.

Fortunately I recovered the majority of the use of my right arm and leg but seven years later I still suffered with Bells Palsy, headaches and spasmodic weakness in my right hand side.

In 2007 I accidently got involved with a quantum entanglement technique. The effects and result were so incredible that I went on several courses to learn that technique. I used the technique to improve my well being and it changed my life.

By 2008 I was back on horseback and riding thoroughbred horses and racehorses. 

In 2009 I gained my motor racing licence and raced in Lotus races for 5 years.

I can still swim a mile every day although I no longer ride or race cars.

I returned to leading a very active life including all-nighter dance events, dancing on a music video, and dancing in a film. I had no problem mixing well over a ton of concrete by hand on my own.

I stopped showing the effects of Bells Palsy within three months and several other ailments no longer affected me. I do not take pharmaceutical medicines and rely only on quantum entanglement practices and a quality diet. 

The QE Bed uses the ability to send healing quantum energy to your bed and then connecting you with the bed. The result is that whenever you are in your bed the healing energy from the quantum entanglement flows into your body to improve your well being. 

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