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Quantum Entanglement Bed


Welcome to to the world of Quantum Entanglement and the technology that provides you with the system to use quantum frequencies to improve your wellbeing.

The science of quantum physics and quantum entanglement allows the transfer of quantum energy, via a range of frequencies, to any person, object or matter, in any location. Time, distance and space are no barrier to instantaneous energy transfer. The quantum entanglement sends energy from the source to yourself when you are on the activated bed,

The activated quantum bed can be used during sleep which enhances the benefits as this is the best healing time for the body.


Once you have registered to QE Bed this cutting edge technology is very simple to access. You provide a photograph of your bed which is held in your personal folder. We use an individual process to connect each person to their bed. Each person has the basic DNA repair programme working while they are in bed. This means that you do not have to remember to   think about what you require in order for the quantum entanglement process to commence.

With the quantum bed you independently use the power of quantum energy to enhance your well being and resolve any issues.

There is no minimum or maximum time period for each session using this technology. You may use the QE Bed to meet your needs and your life style.


*The quantum entanglement is made with you and your existing bed. We do not supply a physical bed*

The order process
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Place order for the QE Bed, and complete the payment process. This applies to the outright purchase and subscription alternatives.

Check your email for confirmation of your order for the QE Bed. Reply attaching a photograph of your bed (showing the mattress or mattress cover.)

A second email will arrive to confirm activation. Then you just have to get into your QE Bed and benefit from the quantum entanglement.

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