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Bringing you the power of quantum entanglement to improve your life
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QE Bed


Quantum Entanglement Wellbeing

     QE Bed provides a quantum entanglement solution to improve your well being while you sleep or lay in your bed

Quantum Entanglement Bed

Welcome to the world of Quantum Entanglement and the technology that provides you with the system to use quantum energy frequencies to improve your wellbeing.

The science of quantum physics and quantum entanglement allows the transfer of quantum energy, via a range of frequencies, to any person, object or matter, in any location. Time, distance and space are no barrier to instantaneous energy transfer. The quantum entanglement sends energy from the source to yourself when you are on the activated bed,

The activated quantum bed can be used during sleep which enhances the benefits as this is the best healing time for the body.

Your body uses forms of quantum entanglement to function. The most obvious is the way you smell odours. The odour molecules have no way of being sensed by the brain as in taste, sight, touch or other sensations. Smell is communicated to the brain by quantum tunnelling, the transition of quantum energy from the molecule to the brain.

The QE Bed system sets your body to automatically improve itself by using quantum energy.  We set up the entanglement with your bed and the process continues whenever you are in your activated bed. 

The vast majority of QE Bed users have improved sleep, more energy and feel more relaxed.

Lifetime purchase

One payment and you will use  your bed forever


Monthly subscription

£200.00 + £33.00 monthly

Pay £200 then £33 a month for full access.


Our Customer Benefits

The QE Bed uses the ability to send healing quantum energy to your bed and then connecting you with the bed. The result is that whenever you are in your bed the healing energy from the quantum entanglement flows into your body to improve your well being. 


Heading 6

Lifetime subscription is personal to you but your partner or others may be added for a £45 "connection fee" per person.

Lifetime subscribers receive our unique personal quantum energy enhancement within seven days of their subscription.

Your Privacy

We actively and wholeheartedly respect our customers privacy.

Every care is taken to keep all information and communication strictly private. We use Proton mail which is fully encrypted. Customers are not encouraged to post personal / medical information on the internet as we believe this should be kept out of the public domain.

The future of healing
It would be easy to fill this website with scientific research and a plethora of positive testimonials. We have not and encourage you to seek unbiased independent confirmation which is in abundant supply. For my personal story please click this button:

Quantum healing and biotechnology will replace the traditional pharmacological practices.

Cutting edge biotechnology including CRISPR gene editing, to reverse blindness, T-cell therapies for fighting cancer and many other advances are now becoming a reality.

Quantum technology in many areas such as computing, artificial intelligence and healing is going to make the future healthier.

Bio hacking techniques are now being recognised and even competing for the Nobel Prize.

Now is your chance to use the power of the universe through quantum entanglement to improve your wellbeing.

You can enjoy all the benefits without breaking the bank. No need to think about the process.


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